Corporate moves

Complete relocations from small businesses to multinationals

Even if we are talking about a start-up with a few employees or a corporation with thousands of employees, we assure you that we have experience with this type of move.

We have the expertise and all the necessary resources to guarantee an efficient relocation.

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Professionals in moving companies and corporations

The company expansion or the relocation of your business can be a complex process. We are ready to provide specialized services and complete expertise for our partners.

We inventory the goods and the equipment involved, make a personalized offer and plan the stages of the move through the necessary resources.

After accepting the financial proposal, we move on with the relocation. With the help of the Te-muți team and professional equipment, we ensure the proper dismantling of the goods.
With the help of quality equipment and packaging, we label and organize the goods.
We transport the goods safely to the destination, unpack and position each object and equipment in the new space. Discretion and cleanliness are guaranteed.


Spacious and advantageous

We offer space rental services where you can store your goods safely.

Furniture assembly


We assemble heavy objects and equipment, leaving the space arranged impeccably.